SLO HR CH Arsiada Miss Daisy “Viivi”

Arsiada Miss Daisy

At almost 13 years of age, she is still very happy, healthy and in excellent condition. She is like a fine wine, gets better and better over time. I hope with all my heart that she will stay that healthy and happy for many more years.

Born: 04.05.2009 Sire: Ch. Brooklynson Alexander Dam: Ch. Arsiada Avantgarde
HD A/A ED 0/0 CEA clinically clear (ECVO) DNA CEA/CH affected (OptiGen) DNA PRA/rcd2 clear (OptiGen) DM N/N MDR 1 -/-
Slovenian Champion Croatian Champion 8x CAC, 1x R.CAC, 2x CACIB, 2x R.CACIB, 2x BOB, 1x BOG 3
Arsiada Miss Daisy Arsiada Miss Daisy

When I imagined my ideal Collie, I imagined Viivi! She is everything that I was looking in the Collie! Someone stole my thoughts and made them reality :) From the very first instant we met, we both felt that we are made for each other!

Arsiada Miss Daisy Arsiada Miss Daisy Arsiada Miss Daisy Arsiada Miss Daisy Arsiada Miss Daisy Arsiada Miss Daisy Arsiada Miss Daisy Arsiada Miss Daisy Arsiada Miss Daisy

Viivi's ancestors

Viivi has a very interesting pedigree. Her dad is the stunning Brooklynson Alexander that combines English and Brazilian lines.

Brooklynson Alexander
Ch Brooklynson Alexander

Alex’s sire is the breathtaking Lakefield Love is in the Air and his dam is the gorgeous Jefsfire So Charming to Brooklynson.

Lakefield Love is in the Air Lakefield Love is in the Air
Ch Lakefield Love is in the Air
Lakefield Like A Boy
Ch Lakefield Like A Boy
Jefsfire So Charming to Brooklynson
Ch Jefsfire So Charming to Brooklynson
On her mum's side we can find some of the most famous Steadlyn collies, legends like Steadwyn Stagecraft and Steadlyn Signature.
I am so proud of Viivi’s ancestors as they are crowded out of type, pride, dignity and elegance.
Steadwyn Stagecraft Steadwyn Stagecraft
Ch Steadwyn Stagecraft
Steadlyn Signature
Ch Steadlyn Signature
Steadlyn The Proclaimer Steadlyn The Proclaimer
Ch Steadlyn The Proclaimer

Viivi is a very proud lady and she possesses all the elegance and dignity of her famous ancestors. She was shown occasionally and she is Slovenian and Croatian Champion and is half a way to her C.I.B title. But what is most important, she has a fantastic temperament! She is a joy to live with! She is very attached to me, she is my shadow, she follows me everywhere. She is friendly in a dignified way, like a Collie should be. She doesn’t like people thrust on her, but she likes to make her own selection of her friends. She adores other dogs; she is always inviting them to play with her. She is a very active and crazy Collie. She is always prepared for work, she likes to learn new trikes, adores balls, but her passion is catching Frisbee. She is doing everything with enthusiasm. We went to puppy school, a course of elementary obedience, Rally Obedience and dog Frisbee. Viivi passed also an examination to become a therapy dog and I hope that after her maternity leave, we will start with the training.


Mia Ejerstad defined the Collie as: “a dog of incomparable intelligence, sensibility and character, a dog of regal stance, dignity and elegance in its own simplicity, a dog of pure beauty – interior and exterior.” I found all this in my Viivi!

Biggest thanks to Viivi’s breeder Jadranka Smojver Selimović for trusting her with us and for all her help!

Viivi’s pedigree:

Multi CHBrooklynson Alexander C.I.B, WW-2000, Multi. CHLakefield Love Is In The Air BR CHLakefield Like A Boy
BR CHLakefield Lambada Reggae
GB CHJefsfire So Charming To Brooklynson Jefsfire Another Venture
GB CH, Cruft CC 1996Jefsfire Francheska
BIH CHArsiada Avantgarde C.I.B, HR CH, SLO CH, RSM CHSteadlyn The Proclaimer C.I.B, NO CH, WW-98, NOW-94Steadwyn Stagecraft
Steadlyn Candy Love
Arsiada Jo Jocosely C.I.B, HR CH, SLO CHSteadlyn Top That
Arsiada Pot Pourry